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    Frequently Asked Questions  

What is MidCity?
MidCity is the premier agency exposure service for aspiring models looking to breakthrough in the industry.  We are the perfect starting point for any individual that has thought of modeling, but has no prior experience.  We'll help you determine if modeling is right for you and provide detailed feedback based on our professional evaluation.  Our goal is to determine whether you really have potential as a model, and if you do... have you discovered by the top modeling agencies in the business.

What types of models are you looking for?
MidCity is recognized by the top agencies for evaluating talent of young adults.  We welcome males and females, but require that you are at least three months before your 18th birthday to use our services.  Our partnering agencies are looking for models in all shapes and sizes.  If you have ever dreamed of modeling, MidCity will help you navigate through this very selective and sometimes complicated process.  Our models will typically find jobs in the following categories:

  • Fashion / Runway
  • Print / Catalog
  • Art / Paint / Sculpture
  • Swimsuit
  • Plus sizes
  • Petite
  • Part modeling
  • Lingerie
  • Fitness
  • Television / Film / Commercial

Can I still use your service if I'm in school and only available during summer/winter break?
Over 70% of our models are students and our agencies always accommodate schedules and breaks.  We have had some of our most successful models recruited from universities and schools across the country.  In fact, many of the available jobs are for part-time, weekend, and summer campaigns.

Do you guarantee that I will be offered a modeling contract?
MidCity cannot guarantee that you will be offered a contract. Our partnering agencies offer contracts based on various needs and, more importantly, an individuals' potential.  However, your Scout Database inclusion is unconditionally guaranteed.  If you aren't offered a modeling contract, for any reason, you can cancel at any time.

Can I purchase a Basic Package now and pay the difference to upgrade after I receive my evaluation?
You can purchase our Basic package, but will have to pay full price if you decide to go with our Deluxe or Premium services later on.  Therefore, we recommend that you select the package that suits your ultimate goals.  Otherwise, you may elect to purchase services from our additional options.

What if I purchase a Deluxe or Premium package and I receive an unfavorable evaluation?
We will immediately refund the difference in packages because we cannot submit unfavorable evaluations to any agency (no exceptions).  Inclusion in our Scout Database is at your discretion, but we highly suggest that you take our evaluations seriously.  We have over 40 years of industry experience and know exactly what agencies are searching for.  If you choose not to participate in our Scout Database due to an unfavorable evaluation, we will immediately refund the difference in packages.

How long does it usually take to receive feedback?
Our services are used by aspiring models nationwide so feedback time will vary depending on current volumes.  You can typically expect a completed evaluation and detailed recommendation within 10 business days.  Once your Composite card has been completed, typically 15 business days, it will be immediately added in our Scout Database.  Submission to our partnering agencies are performed on a quarterly basis.

This is great! How do I get started?
Select one of our packages and we'll conveniently email you simple instructions for submitting your photos.  Once you've successfully submitted the required photos, we'll walk you through every step of the process on the way to getting you discovered by the top modeling agencies.  We accept all major credit cards and Paypal payments.  Click on the link below to select a package.


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